Home additions

Home Additions Lexington

There’s no place like home, and sometimes, as we grow and our needs evolve, we find that our beloved home could use a little more space. Whether you’re dreaming of a spacious family room for those cozy movie nights, a larger kitchen to host dinner parties, or an extra bedroom for a growing family, a home addition can be the missing piece that will make your life that much better.

Understanding Your Home Addition Vision

A home addition is a substantial commitment, both in terms of time and resources. At Bluegrass Haven in Lexington, we recognize the weight of this decision, and our initial approach is grounded in understanding your unique requirements, desires, and budget. We’ll discuss costs transparently, provide realistic timelines, and guide you through the crucial decisions that need to be made. This makes sure that as we start this journey with you, you’re not just informed but also confident and excited about the transformation ahead.

Why Choose Bluegrass Haven In Lexington For Your Home Addition?


Our seasoned team in Lexington has overseen numerous home additions, understanding the unique challenges and rewards of each project.

Personalized Approach

We don't believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. Every Lexington home and homeowner is unique, and we ensure our services reflect that.


We believe in keeping you in the loop at every stage, ensuring a transparent and collaborative relationship.

Quality Assurance

Our reputation is built on the excellence of our work. We commit to delivering only the best, making sure that your new space stands the test of time.

Taking the Next Step With Us

If you’re considering a home remodel addition, let Bluegrass Haven in Lexington be your trusted partner. Our commitment is to bring your vision to life, ensuring that the new space seamlessly integrates with your existing home, both in design and function. We understand the nuances and intricacies of home additions, and with us by your side, you can be assured that your home addition will come out perfectly! Reach out to us today, and let’s start the conversation about your next home addition.

Unmatched Quality Of Work

While a home addition may feel like a monumental project, remember, we’ve been down this road many times. When the construction phase begins, our experienced team swings into action, ensuring each detail aligns with your vision. Our commitment is to remain focused, diligent, and attentive throughout the project, transforming your vision into a beautiful space.
We aren’t in the business of rushing through projects or taking on more than we can handle. Every home addition we undertake in Lexington is given the attention, care, and expertise it truly deserves. Our years of experience in upscale residential remodeling and construction projects means we’re well-equipped to handle the complexities of such projects, ensuring that the final result is not just functional but also looks stunning.