What Is a Minimalistic Kitchen and Why Is It So Popular?


Nothing can make the heart of your home scream high-end more than a minimalistic style. In the spirit of the Quiet Luxury fashion trend, minimalistic kitchens exude true class and practicality. No, we don’t discuss a passing trend here; minimalism truly stands the test of time.

If you yearn for a tidy and neat kitchen remodel style, this article is your calling! We’ll discuss all the nitty-gritty of minimalistic kitchens and why they’ve become so popular. So, let’s dive in!

Defining Minimalistic Kitchens

We cannot provide you with a specific definition of a minimalistic kitchen nor tell you which parts of it you must exclude. However, we can share our sacred trick with you – a minimalist kitchen is all about keeping only what you need and use regularly. So, the next time you plan to remodel your kitchen, omit everything your kitchen can do without.
Rome wasn’t built in a day, so acquiring your minimalistic habits cannot happen overnight. This is why we challenge you to pick something impractical from your kitchen daily and practice self-discipline. Only by depriving yourself of abundance will you reach the authentic minimalist aesthetic.
Interior of a minimalistic kitchen in a modern style

Why They’re Always in Demand

Minimalistic kitchen design is rapidly gaining popularity due to the way it shapes our unconscious mind. It gives us an illusion of calmness and perfect order, which translates into limited distraction and enhanced clarity. Yes, this style offers fewer options, but this means that what you choose in the first place is always carefully selected.
If you tend to hold onto possessions, then you must wonder why people are so fond of minimalistic kitchens and why they’ve become so popular. Below, we’ll look at the most important points that make minimalistic kitchens especially attractive and inviting.

Features of Minimalistic Kitchens

Minimalistic kitchens come in all shapes and sizes, but you’ll recognize them chiefly by the below-listed kitchen remodel design characteristics. What’s best is that you can use them as inspiration for your home, as they don’t apply only to kitchens but to whole residences.

Color Choices

We usually associate minimalistic style with soft colors, so what better way to embrace this style than by using muted hues in your kitchen? If you find yourself drawn to some of these colors, consider using them in your kitchen remodel.
  • Black. Although less common, this mysterious marvel adorns your kitchen with its sheer classiness. No other color can mimic its sense of refinement and prestige. It combines well with any other color in the spectrum, so it’s a safe choice.
  • White. This harmonious hue, which secured its spot within the classics due to its adaptability and unpretentiousness, symbolizes order and perfection. You can use it everywhere, from countertops to floorings.
  • Beige. This color is ideal for the ones longing for a sense of warmth in their kitchen. It comes in various shades, such as dessert, camel, sand, cream, or latte.
  • Grey. Often labeled as sterile, this color exudes maturity and seriousness. It blends well with the overall soothing and relaxing atmosphere in a minimalistic kitchen.
  • Bold Shades. Don’t think these don’t belong in an utterly minimalistic setting. Kitchen accessories and ornaments can be in vivid hues as long as you balance them with more neutral tones.

Material Choices

Wood is a fresh and versatile choice for traditionalists who wish to keep up with trends. It’s the most common option for countertops and can be an excellent addition to your cabinetry. This natural material, renewed for its elegance, represents everything that minimalism opts for.
Concrete, on the other hand, is adjustable enough to be placed on the flooring, worktops, or kitchen blocks. Tile is well known for its durability, so if you happen to have a lot of foot traffic, it’s perfectly suitable. Metal is also a common choice, but because it can be particularly polished, it’s not our favorite option for the minimalistic look we desire.

Timeless Elegance

Many perceive minimalistic kitchens as a current trend. Understandably, interior magazines and stylists glut us with them. But they have a deep and ancient history dating back to the remote 1930s. They simply don’t seem to go out of style.
Thanks to technological advancement, kitchen appliances have evolved and become more functional. And since minimalism is all about usefulness, LED lights, smart ovens, refrigerators, and dishwashers contribute to overall efficiency without compromising aesthetics.
Nowadays, modernity and minimalism go hand in hand. Direct evidence for this is the prevailing Scandinavian interior style, which is also based on minimalism.

Creating a Sense of Spaciousness

Even though your room might be tiny, this shouldn’t be a cause of concern. The right order, shape, hues, and lighting can do wonders in your kitchen. Bright-painted walls, natural sunlight, and curved furniture are the golden triad of spaciousness.
In interior terms, extra space means a chance to keep things well arranged and in meticulous order. Minimalism is inarguably for you if you’re a perfectionist who’s all into planning.
Maximizing space is about making the most of every single corner in your kitchen. Consider using furniture that doesn’t take up much space and avoid overloading your shelves with unnecessary details. At the end of the day, fundamentals don’t change.

Clear Lines

By clear lines, we mean an ideal arrangement of objects. In such a kitchen remodel, every square inch is perfectly symmetrical, and every finish is exactly the same. Every feature contributes to the overall chiseled architecture.

Low Maintenance

Any room that isn’t stuffed is simple to maneuver and handle. This is especially true for the kitchen, which is a crucial space for the whole family to gather and chat. Due to the increased foot traffic, the kitchen must be easy to clean. And guess what? The minimalist kitchen aesthetic creates the perfect circumstances for keeping it spotless.
Open-concept minimalistic kitchen with a blend of bold and neutral colors

Essential Parts of a Minimalistic Kitchen

At the end of the day, it all comes down to personal preferences, but some elements of a minimalistic kitchen simply cannot be excluded. They’re the ultimate oasis of peace in the midst of a fast-paced world. Let’s explore these elements further.

Minimalist Countertops

Followers of this kitchen trend rejoice in clear countertops, so their size needs to be horizontally smaller and easier to maintain. Plus, it must look like they’re flowing from one corner to the other, and on them, there should be only the bare essentials. In order to reach an unattainable minimalist aesthetic, we suggest painting them in neutral colors.

Minimalist Cabinets

These types of kitchen cabinets are remarkable for their square and angular form. You can paint them in neutral colors or choose a stand-out hue for a wild card combination – the choice is yours. Usually, they’re deprived of any decorations and irregular linings. We suggest using marble or granite. A good substitute could be stainless steel with its sleek, industrial look, but those two are unbeatable.

Understated Backsplash

The best option is to choose your backsplash material according to your countertops. That way, they’ll be the perfect aesthetically pleasing match without extra patterns standing out. If you can’t find the exact same, make an effort to pick at least similar. If not, go with glass or tile.

Open Floor & Open Shelves

According to the open floor concept, you no longer follow the traditional rule of preparing food in one area and consuming it in another. In an open-floor kitchen, these two aspects are one. This adds extra space, something minimalists constantly crave.
As for the open shelves concept, the moment you leave the shelves revealed, you must be extra careful about the order in which you place your items. This isn’t a problem for minimalists, who are fond of organization. Make sure the items you’re showcasing are made from the same material or at least resemble. You’re on the right track as long as it doesn’t look overcrowded.

The Downsides of a Minimalistic Kitchen

While minimalistic kitchens bring many benefits to the table, they have downsides we cannot fail to mention. Let’s look at three focal points that discourage customers from investing in them.

Possible Dullness

To many, the modernistic edge of a kitchen remodel appears too cold and empty, like any other stock photo you see on the internet. Some are bored by simplicity and long for warmth and coziness that only colors and patterns can offer. Retaining the contemporary vibe while incorporating soul and character can be hard.

Reduced Customization

Ideally, the kitchen should serve as a representation of the owner’s creativity. Unfortunately, this golden rule is applicable only to older kitchens. Minimalistic kitchen remodel doesn’t offer the same customization. They’re generally made to look similar to each other.

Expensive Price

High-quality designs and the latest technological advancements will cost you a lot. This is why you need to analyze a piece of kitchen remodel before you purchase. Measure your lifestyle, think about how the product will benefit you and whether you need it all.

Wrapping Up: The Minimalistic Kitchen Remodel

All in all, minimalistic kitchens are a smart investment. They’re modern, easy to maintain, and create a sense of spaciousness. If learning about their functionality has inspired you to consider a kitchen remodel, you can always consult with our reliable expert team.

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