Tips for Properly Budgeting for a Full Home Remodel

Are you a homeowner looking to do a full home remodel on a budget? We can prove that it’s possible! Saving up for remodeling and reparations in 2024 might seem like an impossible task, especially when the average remodel in Kentucky costs up to $44,323.00. Even so, don’t get discouraged. With proper planning and our full home remodel tips, you can give your home the upgrade it desperately needs!
Remodeling is no simple task, and there are countless things to consider, but we can give you some insider tips to save money with so you can create a personal haven in your home. Our budgeting tips will give you a headstart on planning a realistic and successful remodel without spending an extra buck through prioritizing. Let us show you how it’s done!

Realistic Budget-friendly Full Home Remodel Tips

There are countless remodeling options to consider, and you might already envision what each room would look like, although it’s important to stay realistic while planning. If you are on a budget, chances are you won’t be able to recreate any room you see on an influencer’s page. However, your dream home isn’t far from your reach. Plan your budget, use our full home remodel tips as a guide, and start planning a renovation today!

Set a Budget and Stick to It

Budget planning is an essential step before doing a full home remodel. Follow these three simple tips and start planning:
  1. Consider the average remodeling cost in your state, and plan according to your savings or a possible renovation loan.
  2. Be prepared if trouble comes knocking at your door, and plan out a low-cost and a high-cost budget to make the process less stress-inducing. 
  3. Be realistic and don’t overestimate your budget; you can always make more upgrades in the future.

Start Planning a Full Home Remodel

Find inspiration on social media, in magazines, or in your childhood home—whatever brings you comfort is the best choice. Plan the look of each room individually, from wallpaper to flooring and other elements you may need.
If your full home remodeling plan involves upgrading your patio, terrace, or yard, expand your budget by at least a few thousand dollars, depending on the scope of work. Don’t forget that small details matter! Each element, decoration, and tool adds up to the renovation cost, so plan them into your budget accordingly.
Full home remodel in process

Prioritize and Save

One of the best tips for a full home remodel on a budget is to prioritize which room to renovate first. Analyze your house fully. Which rooms have been painted or upgraded recently? Leave those out of the remodel plan or put them on a waiting list.
Revamping a full house might cost more than you think. Let’s look at the average remodeling costs of common rooms:

Kitchen: $10,000–$50,000

Bathroom: $9,000–$20,000

Bedroom: $10,000–$15,000

Living room: $5,000–$10,000

Dining room: $2,000+

To avoid going over your budget, divide it according to the average cost of each room after you prioritize which ones need a remodel.

Choose Functionality Over Aesthetics

As a homeowner on a budget, you can’t pick out luxury elements for each room—and you don’t need to! The ultimate goal is a successful and long-lasting renovation, and it’s done by choosing functionality over aesthetics. A big island made of marble won’t serve your kitchen better than a laminate one. It will only go over your budget drastically. Opt for cost-effective solutions and kitchen remodel elements that your family can use for a long time without breaking the bank.

Select Materials Carefully

Paint, wallpaper, tiles, and flooring can add to the cost of renovations. Because of the pricing variations, it’s important to stay realistic when selecting building materials for your home.
Opt for cost-effective materials such as ceramic, laminate, natural stone, metal, pine, and cedar wood instead of more expensive alternatives. Ceramic will always be a staple for a bathroom remodel, but you can incorporate the latest stone, and wood trends for a modern twist on your bathroom. Get creative and mix these materials for an upgraded and polished look on a budget!

Consider DIY Projects

Incorporating do-it-yourself projects into the remodeling can save extra money. Not every element needs to be replaced; some only need to be refurbished!
Reflect on the purchases you’ve made in the last few years. Did you replace some doors, cabinets, or wardrobes? With some small changes, you can still fit them into the vision of a new home. You can clean, sand down, and paint these elements with little to no experience and save money without purchasing new ones.
A new paint job is always a good idea, and you can do it yourself. Add a new color to your walls, or simply apply removable wallpaper to some walls and make them stand out. Find creative ways to express yourself in your home and make it a paradise.
Repainting walls during a full home remodel

Sell Elements, Decor, and Appliances You Don’t Need

Another great way of saving money on remodeling is making some extra money during the process. Set up shop, or list the items online and make an extra buck that you can use to invest in a new remodeling project.
Letting go of outdated decorations, elements, and appliances you no longer use will give your place a fresh, refurbished look. Make money and space for new things in your new home project and make every room feel brand new!

Get in Touch With a Trusted Contractor

If you’re a homeowner on a budget, you can follow our full home remodel tips and try to incorporate them into your plan. However, every step is easier said than done.

If you have a busy lifestyle and a big family to take care of, chances are that you don’t have time to get mixed up into remodeling a full house yourself. The best option for busy homeowners is finding a trusted contractor to get remodeling off their hands, and Bluegrass Haven Construction is the best choice for a full home remodel!

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