On a Budget Kitchen Remodeling Tips


They say your kitchen is the centerpiece of your home, much more than just a dining area, which we can all agree on. It’s a place where you get together with the people you love, the place you visit to grab a cold one after a hard day’s work. It’s the place that makes a first impression on any visitor of your home and helps determine their final opinion of it.

Keep in mind, however, that centerpieces require some delicate attention. Absolutely nothing can refresh your home the way a full kitchen remodel can, and this does come at a cost. If you’re planning to renovate but are a bit tight with finances, that’s okay. Our budget kitchen remodel guide is here to help you finally get that home glow-up you always wanted in no time!

A neat kitchen remodel on a budget featuring light hues

Costs of a Kitchen Remodel

The average cost of a complete kitchen remodel sits at around $22,000 and can go up to a maximum of $60,500 for the largest projects. Even though homeowners can expect a good ROI and an overall home value increase, these sums are still on the lavish side for many. A budget kitchen remodel is the popular choice and would set you back around $12,000.

How Can a Budget Kitchen Remodel Be Approached?

These days, kitchen remodeling on a tighter budget may seem impossible for some. With materials, appliances, and labor costs skyrocketing through the roof, it’s easy to get discouraged and find yourself continuously postponing the much-needed renovations. Hopefully, these kitchen remodel tips will save you quite a few bucks and get you the desired appearance.

Salvage What You Already Have

Equipping your kitchen with a brand-new set of shelves and cabinets sounds like a wonderful idea if you can afford it. If on a budget, perhaps consider giving your already-existing features a polish or a makeover. This way, you’ll avoid the costs of purchasing new materials, as well as disposing of the ones that already take place in your dining area. During your kitchen remodel, you can paint and reface both your cabinets and shelves. Painting is something that you can even do yourself, while refacing is a bit more complex and will require an extra set of professional hands (reach out to a trustworthy remodeling contractor such as Bluegrass Haven). Instead of renovating the walls, which would require removing drywall and insulation and additional electrical and plumbing work, consider painting them.

Choose Affordable Materials and Appliances

If you feel that most of your kitchen is unsalvageable, then it’s time to turn to the more inexpensive items. Choosing more affordable materials and appliances is pricier than refurbishing them; however, it will save you a good chunk of cash rather than purchasing the high-end options. There are plenty of mid-range appliances that you can purchase at a decent cost, and they do provide relatively good functionality, even compared to high-end ones. When it comes to cabinets, you can turn to RTA (Ready To Assemble) models, which are a DIY alternative that anyone can do with a few tools at their disposal. Considering laminate is one of the least expensive countertop materials, it wouldn’t be such a bad idea to take advantage of it if you’re running on tight finances. Floating floors and second-hand tiles are also great alternatives to investing in brand-new flooring for your kitchen remodel on a budget.

Repair Existing Appliances

The primary appliances in a kitchen have quite a long expiration date, with some lasting up to a few decades. These include your refrigerator, dishwasher, water heater, microwave, and garbage disposal system. Instead of purchasing new appliances, some might already have a modern appearance and just need a few touch-ups. With some wiring work, a few component swaps, and a cleaning session, your old appliances could potentially perform as well as new ones. You won’t be able to take advantage of some modern technological features and digital displays, but you will most definitely save some cash.
A professional fully painting the walls during a kitchen remodel

Do It Yourself

While some work should definitely be left to the professionals, it’s needless to say that you can do some of the handy work yourself. This is, of course, if you feel like you possess a certain level of skill and craftsmanship. Some kitchen remodel activities require as little as beginner to intermediate experience, accompanied by a few tools and materials, including:
  • Installing RTA Items. Ready-to-assemble cabinets and countertops can be a good side project over the weekends, as they require zero experience. You might need an extra hand from a friend to mount them on the walls, but it’s still the cheaper alternative.
  • Lighting. Consider changing the outlets and lights in your kitchen by yourself. A few tutorials online should equip you with enough knowledge to do so, though remember to turn off any electricity flow to ensure your own safety. Now, if you need a more complex installation, such as a recessed one, you’ll have to reach out to Bluegrass Haven.
  • Flooring. If you’re not planning to add any insulation below your kitchen floor, it’s worth considering doing tiling by yourself. But if your flooring requires significant leveling, it might be best to leave this job to professionals.
  • Interior Painting. Wall painting is by far the easiest task of the bunch and pretty much anyone can do it. Grab a bucket of white paint or two and your desired pigments, mix your desired colors to perfection and start painting.
Taking on a side project like a kitchen remodel after working hours and over the weekends can be a great experience and save you a significant amount of cash. However, some people lack the time, energy, skills, and resources to perform the various tasks surrounding these renovations. As they say, sometimes it’s better to be safe than sorry. Hiring a remodeling contractor in these cases can be the smart move. They’re perfectly capable of handling any kitchen remodeling task and will help you save time and money.

Making Your Dream Kitchen Affordable

With smart planning and focusing on what’s most important, you can significantly improve your kitchen without spending a fortune. From updating what you already have to choosing budget-friendly materials, there are many ways to make impactful changes affordably. If you find yourself needing expert advice or want to ensure top-notch results without the hassle, Bluegrass Haven is here for you. Our experienced team is skilled in handling budget kitchen remodels, ensuring you get the best value for your money. Reach out to Bluegrass Haven today, and let’s work together to transform your kitchen into a space you love, all within your budget.