In What Ways Can I Increase My Home Value With A Kitchen Remodel?

If there was ever the right time to sell, it’s now. The housing market has reached an all-time high in the last couple of years, which has inadvertently offered homeowners an opportunity to make a decent profit by remodeling their properties and selling them at a higher price.
Many homeowners are willing to seize the opportunity and start making the necessary upgrades in their homes but aren’t sure where to start. Well, the most important space in your home is where you make the fondest memories with your loved ones and enjoy a warm, homemade meal together, that is, the kitchen.
That said, let’s take a look at how investing in a complete kitchen remodel can skyrocket the value of your home and further improve your financial freedom.
A modern open-concept kitchen remodel upon completion

Costs of a Kitchen Remodel

The silver lining here is that kitchen remodels can actually recoup up to an average of 60% of your investment, considering the total value of your home after modifications. Midrange minor kitchen remodels make up an astounding 86% return on average investment, while upscaled major kitchen renovations sit at around 32%.

Before we start diving into the varieties of kitchen upgrades that can boost your property value, it’s important to understand the expenses that come with them. Kitchen renovations are the most expensive investment in the home improvement category, with the median spend on a kitchen remodel standing at a steady $22.000.

Kitchen Upgrades for a Value Boost

When a potential buyer enters your home for a viewing, they’ll first look at the kitchen. These days, not so many prospects are interested in purchasing a home with old-fashioned hardwood cabinets installed in the dining area. That said, let’s explore some of the prime kitchen upgrades and their respective investment returns when installed correctly.

Cabinet Upgrades

The most visually enhancing method of increasing the value of your kitchen is replacing the cabinetries. If you haven’t made any significant upgrades to yours in the last couple of years, we kindly suggest that you do so.
Cabinets take a large portion of your kitchen space, which makes them the primary remodel contender. The average cost of purchasing new cabinets ranges anywhere between $4,000 and $9,000, with an expected ROI (Return on Investment) of 80 to 100%.


Adjacently to modernizing your cabinetries, countertops should be the second remodel item on your list. If your kitchen features a more traditional set of countertops, replace them with more sleek and modern counterparts such as quartz, granite, or laminate finishes. A full countertop remodel costs $1,500 – $4,500, offering an expected ROI of 80-100%.

Replacing Old Appliances

Another update that will increase a percentage of your home value is replacing appliances such as your refrigerator, stove, microwave, and grate. Interested prospects like to see their future kitchen equipped with the latest appliance models using up-to-date technology. The expected return on appliance replacements is around 60-80% on an average investment of $3,400.

Flooring Modifications

Flooring is widely perceived as the most important element of any home. If there’s a good old, sturdy parquet, it needs to go. Homebuyers nowadays often look for the minimalistic aesthetic of laminate, hardwood floors, or modern-looking tiles. There are even tiles that visually resemble hardwood floors, offering a more authentic and chic look.
Flooring costs are a bit hard to predict. Considering surface area and materials, a new, shiny floor can set you back around $2,800 – $6,400 and reward you with an ROI of up to 70%.

Kitchen Island

When it comes to fancy-looking kitchen improvements, one item outshines them all – the famous island. Practicality aside, the popular item is the centerpiece of any modern kitchen, providing maximum spatial efficiency and quite a visually pleasing aesthetic.
Combined with the right countertop, it’s definitely a must-have. The average cost of a kitchen island is around $4,000 – $8,000, and the return can range anywhere from 60-80%.

Lighting Fixtures

Effectively complimenting any layout, a well-tuned lighting system can be the finishing touch to achieving that lustrous, contemporary kitchen look we all love and cherish.
Modern LED technology allows the easy placement of lighting strips in areas out of sight. Smart and pot lights can be placed behind cabinets, floors, ceilings, and cupboards, allowing the user full centralized control utilizing a dedicated remote or a smartphone.
Prospects love a good light show when viewing their future homes and will definitely appreciate the effort put into correctly installed illuminating fixtures. If done right, lighting efficiency alone can spiral your total home value up to a staggering 10%.

Expanding the Kitchen Area

Before modifying or replacing the movable items in your kitchen space, you should also consider expanding the area and completely alternating its layout.
If the designated dining space is a bit on the compact side, a good idea would be to widen it. The process of cooking a quality meal is a calming, meditative experience, which a spacious area definitely compliments, further increasing the value of your home.

Hiring Contractors

If you think you have what it takes, you can do the renovations yourself. However, some, if not most, of these upgrades do require the delicate care and dexterity skills of a professional contractor. While a kitchen remodel does sound like an exciting passion project to take on over weekends, contract workers will get the job done faster and with finesse.

Remember, before signing and agreeing to any contractual obligations, make sure you have read and understand the full scope of the terms of engagement. This includes workload details, timelines and milestones, payment schedules, and material costs.
A mutual understanding and rapport between you and the kitchen remodel contractor you hire is a must. This ensures satisfaction for both parties, as well as a swift, clean remodel.
Kitchen remodeling contractor working on a kitchen remodel project

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