Essential Steps for a Successful Home Remodel

Are you tired of living in that same old house? Even if you were to sell it, you’d have to embellish it first. But if you’ve finally decided to embark on a full home remodel to get the house of your dreams, then we’re talking about a whole different story.

Whatever the reason, there are many ways to modify your current home so it will be more livable for you and your family. After all, is there a space more sacred than our own home?
In fact, across the USA, more than 55% of homeowners choose to remodel their homes rather than move to a new one. So, if you’re a beginner in the world of home renovation, worry not, as Bluegrass Haven is here to provide you with the best full home remodel tips.

Make a Plan

Planning is the basic start of every successful project. When it comes to home renovation, we all agree on how exciting it is, but once you start getting into the details, you realize that it can indeed be a daunting task. This is why it’s crucial to have a detailed home remodel plan.
Here are all the details you should include in your full home remodel plan:

Clarify Your Vision

If you’re looking to get some inspirational ideas regarding home renovation trends, you can start by looking through magazines, browsing online, watching home shows, or even visiting home improvement stores. This will help you establish the layout of your dream house. Try to make a list of at least 10 must-have elements that will give your home a personal flair.

Do a Permit Research

Before embarking on any house remodeling project, everyone must do a little research regarding local zoning permits and regulations. Depending on your renovation project, check whether you need to contact the city officials and obtain a building permit (for example, not everywhere is it allowed to transform the garage into a room).

Choose Style and Design

At this phase, you should ask yourself what your personal style is and what design you’d like to have in your living space. There are many styles to choose from, whether you’re more into modern, traditional, or rustic. Still, you have to be very careful to choose not only the style that’s appealing to your eyes but also one that aligns with the needs of your household. Opt for something that’s not so trendy, so you won’t need to renovate again after 5 or 10 years.
By now, you already know that this is a grand-scale project, and it is impossible to just opt for DIY. That’s why we recommend you make a list of the things that you can do yourself and a list of things that you need to hire skilled design-build contractors for.
A finished modern full home remodel project featuring light hues

Set a Budget

The next step in planning a full home remodel is deciding how much you’re willing to spend on renovating your house. In this phase, you must consider all the costs of demolition, rebuilding, customization, the cost for labor, building materials, and cosmetic touches. If your cost estimates exceed your budget, you can eliminate some elements from your plan or simply postpone part of the project for another time. Here’s a small tip that many homeowners prefer – keep a contingency fund of 10 – 20% of your budget for any unpredicted costs.

Find the Right Materials

One of the biggest costs regarding full home remodel projects is undoubtedly the material. A rule of thumb here would be choosing a cheaper and more affordable, but at the same time, high-quality material. So, between quartz/marble and granite countertops, you can opt for the second if you don’t want the cost of the material to highly influence your bottom line.
Check out this small guideline for material costs:
However, you must remember that this is a general estimation, meaning that prices can vary depending on brand and location. So, make sure to shop around before deciding.
A full home remodel project in progress

Find Contractors

The best thing you can do to avoid chaos during a whole-house renovation and keep peace of mind throughout the process is to hire contractors. A reliable contractor’s team, like Bluegrass Haven, will handle your project with the utmost professionalism and care. The right contractor will not only execute your project seamlessly but also assist you in finding the most qualified subcontractors available on the market, such as carpenters, plumbers, and electricians. So, when it comes to consulting and interviewing contractors, you want to leave your project in the hands of someone with years of experience in house renovation.
Always check the references and online reviews to ensure that the contractor of your choice is respected by others. This indicates that they’ll do a good job. It’s also important to know whether your contractor has all the necessary documents to provide this type of service.

Decide the Order of Your Home Improvement

As for the order of your home improvement, make sure that you start focusing first on the more important details needed for a functional home. We recommend you check all your utilities, such as running water, electricity, or HVAC, and do all the necessary utility improvements so that your new appliances run properly. This will help you tackle your home renovation project more easily.

Put large projects such as changing your floor or wall demolition at the top of your list. Finishing the major home upgrades first will save you time for the rest of the project. It’s highly advisable to start with renovating the kitchen and the bathroom since this renovation takes more time to complete. The finishing touches come last, such as installing the lighting fixtures and choosing the paint colors and curtains for each room. After all, there’s no need to rush.

We Are Here For You

With Bluegrass Haven, you gain a team of experienced professionals dedicated to bringing your vision to life. We customize our services to fit your unique style, functional needs, and budget. From the initial concept to the final details, we support you at every step, offering expert advice, skilled craftsmanship, and clear communication. Reach out to us today to discuss your home remodel. Let us help you turn your house into the home you’ve always wanted.