Different Types of Home Additions

Your home is an infinite space that allows for endless changes and improvements. Some available options to think about are basic remodeling, renovation, or home additions. If we have to pick one, let’s go with home additions. It’s a service that our Bluegrass Haven professional team can provide. We are always here to help you improve your house on time and within budget.
You can do home additions as a DIY project or with a home addition contractor. Each offers several important options with which to familiarize yourself. For the perfect planning of the new look of your home, don’t miss the makeover inspiration below.

Room Addition

When space is tight, it’s time to consider adding a new room. This is an excellent option if your family is expanding, you need a bedroom, or you lack a bathroom, kitchen, or living room space. It’s a cheap and investment-worthy solution for adding an entire room as a home addition or extending the existing one.

Additional Bedroom for Your Larger Family

Larger families require more space. Adding a new room close to the hallway from the front door is an ideal solution. With this, you can open a space for a children’s room with all the toys and children’s furniture. Or you can also turn it into a guest room.

Additional Bathroom for Greater Comfort

It’s not rare for a home to have only one bathroom. Nervousness reigns in the home, resulting in lateness for work or your children for school. Not to mention, there is no opportunity for a relaxing bath. Put an end to it! Add a bathroom for greater comfort, preferably near the kitchen or your other bathroom for easier bridging of plumbing and drainage. Design it to your taste and enjoy the advantages of this home addition.

A Dream Kitchen With Plenty of Space

Don’t limit your cooking abilities by preparing food in a small kitchen. A great cook should always have enough space and equipment to express their culinary skills. Maybe it’s time to expand! Add additional space to your existing kitchen. This will open up space for more kitchen cabinets, appliances, and even an island.

Larger Living Room

Your living room is the space where you find your peace after a busy day. Do a home addition and expand it by adding space to make it more comfortable. Install larger windows to allow more daily light in and make it visually bigger. This extension will open up more space for additional furniture, herbs, and bookshelves. Don’t wait and call a home addition contractor to get started.

Practical Attic Addition

We don’t maximize the use of every space in our home, and the best example is the roof. Why not turn it into a beautiful bedroom with a top wind? All it takes is a home addition makeover from an experienced and expert team like Bluegrass Haven. We can help transform attics into spacious and sunny bedrooms with a top view. Or maybe you want a working room with a stunning view you’ll enjoy daily? All you need is to add stairs, plan where to put a window placement, and decide on a stylish design that fits your personality.

Other Home Addition Possibilities

You only need a short meeting with the renovation and conversion team at your home, and ideas for home additions will keep on coming. Here are other home additions you can do.

Transform the Garage into a Room

If you are not using the garage to park your vehicle, there are plenty of options you can do with it. Turn it into a huge walk-in closet, a bedroom, or an exercise room. Hire professionals like Bluegrass Haven to remove the garage door, install walls, and add interior doors.

Use the Basement as a Freestyle Space

Turn the basement into a playroom, home theater, a home library with a reading area, a home gallery, or a stylish cellar. Each of these ideas sounds equally good for redecorating a basement space. Ensure that you have a functioning ventilation system.

The Terrace Can Become a Sunroom

When you moved into the house, all you wanted was a cute little terrace, but now it’s time for a change. Turn the terrace into a sunroom so you can use it throughout the year. Add large windows so you get enough sunlight. You can use it as a greenhouse for your plants or a space to spend your days reading your favorite books.

Add a Whole New Section to Your House

A final option is to add an entirely new section to the existing house if you need more space. This is often an option that many homeowners choose. With the help of a home addition contractor, it is easy to create a functional design for the space. The home will get a makeover and a new face you will like.

Why Call in Professionals

Let’s face it. A home addition is a serious task that requires the help of experienced professionals who offer the following:
  • Personalization of projects
  • Expertise and certified work
  • Quality through materials and processes
  • Smooth communication
That’s the key to a beautiful and organized home. Choose the makeover you want and deserve, and the Bluegrass Haven team of experts can make it happen. There is no need to burden yourself with the details when we have the expertise and the knowledge to provide the best home addition you will enjoy for years.