Common Mistakes You Should Avoid When Getting a Bathroom Remodel


Did you know that the average US bathroom is only about 40 square feet? That’s not a lot of room to work with. However, it’s more than sufficient as long as you work with an experienced remodeling contractor so that they can design a solid bathroom remodel layout for you.

If you’re on the lookout, look no further than Bluegrass Haven. We’re a family-owned home improvement company with over 10 years of experience in the field, and today, we’ll be discussing some of the common bathroom remodeling mistakes and how you can avoid them.

Not Having a Predetermined Theme

Before you begin planning the hows, whats, and ifs, it’s important to settle on the theme you’d want your new bathroom to have. Pulling off a luxurious bathroom look isn’t as hard or expensive as some people think. We at Bluegrass Haven specialize in designing elegant bathrooms that are both affordable and stylish.

Alternatively, a simpler rustic design might be more fitting if you live in the countryside or the suburbs. In general, try to match the aesthetic that you have going for your overall home so that it doesn’t feel uncanny when stepping into the bathroom.

Prioritizing Style Over Function

Many bathroom trends emerge every year, each with its own unique looks and capabilities. A mistake we often see is homeowners going for a trend that emphasizes one specific thing while completely ignoring the others. For example, they might incorporate oversized rainfall showerheads while completely neglecting storage and lighting. This leaves their bathroom in a state where it’s beautiful to look at but inconvenient to use or maintain. At Bluegrass Haven, we believe that the answer lies somewhere in the middle: a bathroom that’s pleasant to look at but also has all the appropriate amenities.

Forgetting About the Plumbing

Your house is just like your body. It has a superficial layer where everything can be seen and an internal layer where all the important bits are, like the plumbing system, for example. Some bathroom remodels are like a facelift; they’re minimally invasive. Others are like surgery and require some significant alterations, especially if you plan on changing the layout of your faucets. Be mindful of this, as it may require some serious alteration of your drainage and water supply system.
Luxurious bathroom remodel featuring dark hues

Inappropriately Sized Elements

One of the first things a Bluegrass Haven contractor will ask you when discussing your bathroom remodel is the proportions you want your elements to be in. We’re very well aware that inappropriately sized elements can pose problems. Elements that are either too tall or too short have the potential of causing back and joint issues in the future, as you’ll constantly have to bend to reach them. Another problem that misproportioned elements can cause is a lack of space, which will make it harder and trickier to integrate additional elements into the design.

Not Considering the Latest Technology

Most people conduct a bathroom remodel every 5 to 10 years. If you’re uncertain of what the latest tech is, our contractors at Bluegrass Haven would be happy to help you decide on what sort of technologies would best fit your new bathroom. A common mistake that people often make is conducting a bathroom remodel without relying on the latest technology. It doesn’t even have to be something fancy like a smart toilet. A simple motion sensor for your lights is more than enough to completely alter the experience without breaking the bank.
A functional bathroom remodel with appropriate proportions

Improper Ventilation & Lighting

Determining the perfect balance for ventilation and lighting can be tricky, as it will depend on where your bathroom is located. Ideally, you should have a window that you can open to let some fresh air in as well as some natural light, but if that’s not possible, a proper ventilation system and various light sources are the second-best things you can get.

Cheaping-Out on Fittings & Finishes

Carrying out a bathroom remodel can be pretty expensive, and it’s only natural to want to cut a few corners to save some money. Although, in our experience, that’s about the worst thing that you can do. Fittings and finishes are the two most common things homeowners cut corners on, seeing as they’re the most expensive investments. By purchasing the cheapest options, you’re likely to be purchasing materials that are more porous and easily degradable. If you’re unsure of what materials you should choose, leave that part to Bluegrass Haven. We’ll procure the most reliable materials available without breaking the bank.

Conflicting Styles

Indecisiveness creates eyesores, especially when a bathroom remodel is concerned. While an amalgamation of styles isn’t a bad thing per se, it’s not a smart idea if the styles don’t work well together. This leads to a bathroom that’s plain ugly to look at. At Bluegrass Haven, we’ll help you make design choices that fit your style and preferences. From choosing fixtures to mixing colors, we’ll work together with you to create a cozy and functional space that portrays the kind of person you are.

A Single Tile Type Isn’t Always the Solution

Many homeowners use just a single tile type when conducting bathroom remodels, as it makes the procurement process easier and often cheaper. The thing is, not all tiles are universal. Larger tiles are heavier and not the best for installing on walls, as their weight has the potential to cause them to detach from the wall. A single tile type will also eliminate the nuance of your bathroom’s aesthetic, hence why it should be avoided.

Rushing the Design & Installation Processes

When undergoing a bathroom remodel, you’ll be left without that room until the job is finished, meaning you’ll have to find alternatives instead. We at Bluegrass Haven understand how important the bathroom is, which is why we try to be as expedient as possible when conducting a bathroom remodel. However, certain actions require a certain amount of time to be finished. Rushing them can only lead to errors and disappointment, which we like to avoid at all costs.
We pay attention to the small stuff, like making sure everything fits just right and using the latest bathroom tech to give you a little luxury without going overboard on spending. At Bluegrass Haven, we take our time to get things right, choosing top-notch materials that last longer and look fantastic. When you pick us for your bathroom makeover, you’re choosing a crew that really cares about bringing your vision to life, making sure you love your new bathroom. Reach out to us today, and let’s start planning your dream bathroom together.